New video from Xerox highlights innovation

In a striking new video, Xerox flexes it’s muscle in the innovation space. 

When Xerox Corp. reimagined itself as the ‘New Xerox’, in January 2017 after shedding business process outsourcing (former,y) and separated forming , early indications suggested that innovation would be from the and centre. 

Innovation has always been part of the Xerox DNA, but during the period of BPO, innovation, apart from the (sometimes exaggerated) developments from PARC (Palo Alto Research Centre), services was dominant. It was rare to find mention of any of the cutting-edge developments quietly being w9rked on at the Xerox Researc Centre of Canada, located on Mississauga, Ontario.  

The business focus, the culture, brand strategy, corporate narrative, messaging, etc., was exclusively focused on services.  

Michael Demone