Launching Security Materials Business


Working with Authentix, a global leader in anti-counterfeiting and brand protection solutions, Xerox Research developed a unique security marker or taggant that would allow fuel suppliers to test the authenticity of fuel products.  

While Xerox is known for and is a pioneer in the areas of traditional xeroxraphy — a “...process in which black or colored powder adheres to parts of a surface remaining electrically charged after being exposed to light from an image of the document to be copied” — this 

This application of new materials and new applications for marking is one area that XRCC has helped to pioneer.  

I worked with Xerox Corporate Communications to develop a communication strategy to build a profile for this exciting new technology.  

Media Coverage

 How XRCC’s groundbreaking security solutions help combat counterfeiting and theft

Case Study

Working together to bring innovative solutions to the authentication market