Working with the C-suite

I also provide support for former President and CEO, Al Varney, with speeches, backgrounders, and briefing documents.

Be prepared (have an agenda. Keeps them focused.

Be flexible

Be ready to oivot

Don’t be disappointed

Respect time, space, confidentiality (signed nda after a single convo or reading a single email.

I’ve been fortunate to be in a position to work closely and directly with c-level Executives, corporate officers. They’re a special breed. Blue sky thinkers who sometimes say yes to everything and then leave theBut of course with privilege comes responsibility. I recall having to sign an NDA after having a single conversation or reading a particular email. M&A, plant closures, labour issues, voluntary and involuntary workforce reductions. If it’s a hot enough issue, you’ll hear, “this is quite delicate” or “this is confidential”. Most of the time it will be made clear to you who is to know what and when. Think before you speak. Always. Forwarding and cc’ing emails. And, the shredder is your friend.

C-suiteMichael Demone