Working With Coporate Branding

Working With Corporate Branding

Brand Nazis. I’ve been called one before. It’s not a pleasant moniker,but adherence to a brand expression is key to communicating and protecting your reputation.

I think one thing that I appreciate about the rise of social media is the strong visual element and the importance of good design. I think it’s desirable to know when you see content that you can easily identify who it’s from.

Xerox Corp has a powerful and From proper email signature format to the placement of the Xerox signature when used , nearly every possible scenario seems to have been given some thought.

Challenging though is adhering to brand rules when your business doesn’t fit the current corporate message or business priority.

Case in point, the Xerox Research Centre of Canada, while a legal entity of Xerox Canada, was not in the business of managed print services or consumer goods. We’re in the business of innovation.

So when developing a plan for product communication for say analytical services or materials solutions for anti-counterfeiting and brand protection, the available brand assets may not suffice to reach your audience.

An image of a business casual team sitting around a meeting table intensely looking at a spreadsheet, is not going to speak to a Principal Scientist or the CTO of a tech startup.

It’s much like the rule governing artistic license: If you know the rules, you can break them.

I will say that I consider myself fortunate that the brand team at Xerox was always willing to listen and help find a solution for my out of the box, off-message brand requests.

Another positive way that I began to think about working with strict brand guidelines, perhaps out of sheer frustration, was to look at creating something new and different while adhering to brand rules. Could creativity be born from working working a rigid structure? Out of adversity comes….good design?

Just prior to the separation, a new brand expression was launched: Work Can Work Better

While presenting to the executive team

Michael Demone