The New Xerox

  The New Xerox:

Perhaps one of the most significant events during my time with Xerox Corp. was the separation of the company into two separate, distinct businesses. A change of this mag NJ irite

My role as Location Lead would be to work with corporate communications and change management teams to ensure that our staff had the information they needed to understand the changes, to ensure our executive had material, talking points, presentations, to

A forum was held

A Day One celebratiom with live video cast from NYC, a

While change of this size and scope is always a challenge,

From what the new companies would be called to governance structures, a detailed communication

A new day for innovation

With the focus back on technology and innovation, we felt a sort of Renaissance for the research centre. There was renewed interest and emphasis on the work in the labs, resultikt in an elevated profile for the Centre, articles featuring scientists, a new innovation-focused website, and even a mention from the newly-minted President and CEO in the Day One webcast.

As the reinvigorated Xerox brand unfolded, we saw technologies like printed electronics, 3D printing, and other cutting-edge developments that up to that point had been kept secret to the R&D, were now positioned as gems in

Innovation would move from the labs to a key feature of the new Xerox

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