My life at Xerox

My Life At Xerox

They nee they needed someone, but weren’t sure exactly what they needed. I was able to carve out and develop a powerful communication function.

Split between Corp comm and marketing

In time, the value of my work was recognized and I was brought into strategy meetings, asked to offer feedback to executive insights, presented to c-suite, became part of BD team

Communication was integrated into corporate goal planing

Worked closely with various departments and teams.

Canadian Communication Council, headed by John Quinn, Head of Corporate Communication for Canada.

Innovation Miner’s was a bi-weekly call with the heads of communication from XRCC, PARC, and the

When the company separated and the Research centre in Europe closed and thre centre in India’s was sold, the Miner’s calls were less frequent until eventually a decision was made to cancel them.

Worked closely with Director. A privilege space where I

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