Launching ISO 9001:2015


As the Xerox Research Centre of Canada continued to grow its burgeoning Client Service business, it was important that they enhance how they delivered quality to their customers, achieving ISO9001:2015 certification

Earning our ISO 9001:2015 certification was a major achievement for the Centre. It’s a rigorous process that requires careful and diligent analysis of every aspect of the business.


While it’s quite rare for a Research facility to apply for and achieve certification, our scale-up engineering pilot plant is used to manufacture small batch chemicals.

Working closely with our Quality Champion, Dr. Karen Moffat, Area Manager, Analytical and Characterization, i developed an awareness campaign that we would use to promote our certification.

We would use this opportunity to promote Client Services.

We opted for a bold statement that emphasized our connection to customers.

We created a unique badge that we would use across digital, print, experiential pieces.

Our internal strategy was to impart a sense of shared responsibility to staff, which it truly was.

Staff received a wallet card with ISO 9001:2015 badge, certificate number, and a signature panel on the backside.

Externall, this was a great opportunity to talk about client services.



XRCCdelivers quality innovation withISO9001:2015 certification, intelliFLEX

CorporateISO9001:2015 webpage

Employee cards, with signature panel on the back, promoted a sense of personal responsibility. Staff members took to carrying these in their security badge lanyard.