Government Relations

Government Relations


As the Xerox Research Centre of Canada evolved from corporate R&D house for Xerox Corp. to internationally-recognized innovation hub, interactions with elected office holders were key stakeholders. My role in these interactions was Communication and Logistical Lead, and Executive Liaison.

I worked closely with Global Government Affairs to ensure that our interactions with elected leaders - or Designated Public Office Holders (DPOH) and Public Office Holders (POH) - were appropriately documented and compliant with Xerox Code of Business Conduct and the Lobbying Act.

All Xerox employees working in government relations activities are required to study Canadian Lobby Requirements and Processes developed by Global Government Affairs.



Innovation4D was an initiative to connect the startup businesses working in the Innovation Hub to the investors and venture capital community. This day-long event would feature pitch’s, networking sessions, tours of the Printed and Hybrid Electronics Lab and Scale-up Engineering Pilot Plant, and keynotes by Reza Moridi, Minister of Science, Research and Innovation and Bonnie Crombie, Mayor of the City of Mississauga.

On the heels of Innovation Leaders Top 10 Cities for Corporate Innovation, where our Innovation Hub had been helped Toronto make the list, our executive was eager to engage with the Minister of Research, Science and Innovation.


I worked closely with the Senior Policy Advisor to define the contours of the event in an effort to secure the Minister’s attendance. Once we had defined the event, I met with the Minister’s Chief of Staff to make the official pitch.

We were pleased to welcome Minister Moridi as our Keynote Speaker.

Featured Sponsor: Economic Development, City of Mississauga


We were fortunate to have with the City of Mississauga as our Featured Sponsor. I worked with the Mayor’s Chief of Staff to coordinate the Mayor’s address, including messaging and logistics.

We published a six-part blog series profiling some of the featured startups.

Mayor’s State of the City Address

We were thrilled to receive mention in the State of the City Address, 2017. I worked with the Mayor’s Chief of Staff to craft our message.

Creating a brand for the City of Mississauga

A roundtable discussion to develop ideas for a new marketing campaign led by STC. I had Championed an innovation-themed direction and was happy that it was adopted as a main thrust of the campaign. Our VP is featured throughout this campaign.

NRC-XRCC Business Alliance

Would connect people in Industrial Research Assistance Program,

New Alliance Aims to Help InnovNew Alliance Aims to Help Innovators Bridge the Valley of Deathators Bridge the Valley of Death

Creating the Advanced Manufacturing Ecosystem

Canadian Campus for Advanced Materials Manufacturing


It was the vision of Dr. Paul Smith, Vice President and Centre Director - and my boss - to create a home for advanced materials development and manufacturing in Ontario.

I supported the

Industrie 2030

Canadian Manufactures and Exporting, the largest convened Industries 2030 to develop a plan for Canada’s manufacturing sector

The Xerox Research Centre of Canada hosted

Many of the rrecommendations outlined in the report were adopted by , including the cluster strategy.

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