Developing the Communication Function

When I joined the Xerox Research Centre of Canada, communication was reactionary, adhoc, and piecemeal. There was no purpose. There was no strategy.

With significant change on the horizon and significant corporate expectations, a cohesive and comprehensive communication plan was needed.

For forty years, XRCC had been the global Materials research and development centre for Xerox Corporation. Rooted in chemistry,

A new reality

Over the past few years there had been several attempt to close the Centre. It’s through the visionary leadership of Dr. Paul Smith that the legacy of XRCC will live on, in one way or another.

Laying the foundation

One of my first orders of business was conduct a comprehensive Communication Audit, including a centre-wide employee Communication survey.


The Strategic Communication Plan

Although unfamiliar with the practice of strategic communication, senior leadership was open and enthusiastic about approaching communication strategically.

My 2016 Strategic Communication Planincluded a primer on strategic communication

We were in many ways operating as a brand within a brand or in parallel.

Elevating the function


I presented communication updates to two successive Chief Technology Officers - Sophie Vandebroek and Steve Hoover,

For the first time, Communication activities would be included in the annual Goal Planning. I was also included in the annual strategic planning sessions. Eventually I would join the Business Development team.

Demonstrating results

I am

Implemented social media campaigns with results above industry standard and often out-performing corporate campaigns Championed the XRCC story across the organization, influencing how the innovation narrativeProfiled our scientists and engineers through campaigns like Meet the Innovator, which would Lsunched a new corporate website Launched an e-commerce platform for the Electronic Materials businessDeveloped a unique brand expression for our lines of businessSuccessfully Created new product communication strategiesimplemented online reputation management processes

Launching a new intranet

Working with Xerox Canada

Working with Xerox Corp. and the Xerox Innovation Group

Supporting the Executive

I am very fortunate to have worked closely with. VP Engagment Plan

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